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About Our Fees

Our consultation appointments are priced as follows:

New Appointments  $135 (45 - 60 minutes) - During the consultation the chiropractor will take a thorough case history, perform various tests such as orthopaedic, neurological, postural and palpation examinations. The chiropractor will then give you an indication of whether you require further examinations (ie. x-rays, blood tests) in which case he will inform you and write a referral. During the initial consultation, treatment will be administered unless further examinations are required that may exclude treatment, however, if you are in acute pain, the chiropractor will take the appropriate conservative steps to help reduce your discomfort.

Report or Extended Appointments  $85 (15 - 30 minutes) - Your second visit will always be a long consultation to thoroughly discuss with you the findings, what treatments will be administered, the frequency of care that will be required, rehabilitation and exercise, postural and life style advice.

Standard Appointments  $65 (10-15 minutes) - Most ongoing chiropractic care only requires a standard consultation as the Chiropractor is fully aware of your case.  Your chiropractor will always update your history and progress on each visit, as any life style changes may affect your spine.

Eat Well Move Well Think Well Program $150 - Complete 90 day online program

Please contact us by telephone on 02 6281 5494 and we will be happy to talk about the individual costs for different procedures.

Health Fund Rebates
A percentage of the chiropractic fee is claimable with the extra coverage from the private medical health funds.  The exact percentage of the rebate varies from fund to fund. Please check your cover with your private health fund.