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Ally Reichert

Diagnostic and Natural Medicine

Ally Reichert is a qualified Herbal practitioner (natural medicine), who uses modern testing in clinic to helps clients see there is a way forward for their health. Their treatment is based on facts and information, not guesswork.


  • I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired – I want my energy back!
  • I want to get through the day without all the biscuits, chocolate and coffee.
  • My doctor says there’s nothing wrong!
  • I can’t stand feeling bloated all the time
  • I don’t want more antibiotics!


These are common complaints that motivate many frustrated people to visit my practice. If you need help to feel vital again, then I’d be delighted to put a practical, step- by- step plan in place to help you. Looking beyond your symptoms, to understand the cause of the problem, is the first step. As a qualified herbal practitioner, I use my professional experience and combine it with unique, diagnostic tests to help you feel better – sooner rather than later!

Do You Struggle With:

  • Digestive problems
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Poor immune function
  • Nerves & anxiety
  • Skin Problems etc
  • Thyroid Issues


* INFRARED THERMAL BODY & BREAST SCANS - 100% safe & pain free! ‘Hotspots’ find the problems that other tests miss – they act as a ‘body map’ to help guide your treatment plan.

How can an infrared scan help me?

  • Infrared images act like a ‘body map’, showing your hot and cold spots.  These indicate trouble zones - pain, inflammation, abnormal function, infection, injury, nerve problems and suspicious areas in soft tissue.
  • It may confirm your pain when other tests have been inconclusive.
  • Can be used by anyone of any age at any time - particularly if other tests are not suitable.

* RBTI URINE & SALIVA TESTING - Are you absorbing the nutrients your body needs to keep you well?


Are you uncomfortable after eating? Bloating, indigestion, constipation, acid reflux, diarrhoea, burping and wind are unpleasant symptoms but can indicate a problem with your digestive system.

* CYBERSCAN Electro-dermal ANALYSIS - Is your immune system ‘blind’ & raising your risk of disease & cancer?

*THYROID SCAN - Are your blood tests normal but your thyroid is still not right?

Are You fed Up With...

  • Weight Gain Around Middle
  • Feeling Tired Especially At 3PM
  • Feeling Foggy?
  • Waking Through The Night?
  • Poor Memory?
  • Depression and Irritability?
  • Having No Interest in Sex?
  • Constipation?
  • Aching Muscles and Joint Pain?
  • Muscle Cramps?
  • Worrying You May Be Infertile?
  • Craving sugar and Carbs?
  • Feeling The Cold?
  • Hair Loss?
  • Using Coffee and Alcohol to Lift You?


Answered YES to three or more?

If so you may have an underactive thyroid gland – even if you have had ‘normal’ blood test results (65 -70% accuracy) from your GP.

HORMONE IMBALANCES - Hormones are chemical messengers in our body that affect our brain, heart, bones, muscles, and reproductive organs and are an essential part of the workings of every cell in the human body. Hormones work best when balanced.

Hormone imbalances are caused by:

Higher than average levels of stress

Poor food choices

Inadequate sleep

Taking synthetic hormones

Sedentary lifestyle (lack of movement or exercise)