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Sports Chiropractic

Nick Gondzioulis maintains a family oriented practice in Woden, Canberra. The goal of our practice is to provide a broad range of services to suit individuals ranging from babies and children through to the care of our elderly citizens and to always educate and support our patients in their own health journey, so they can reach their full health potential, and maintain it.

Nick has a keen interest in Sports Chiropractic. This area includes sports performance enhancement, sports injury rehabilitation and sports injury prevention. Nick has completed postgraduate studies in this field.

Over many years of working in Canberra, Nick has been involved with a large variety of sports and sporting events. These include Judo, Rugby League, Football (Soccer), Cycling, Triathlon, Rally Driving and Roller Derby.  He has also travelled to the All African Games in Zimbabwe, Africa in 1995 and the pre Atlanta Olympics training camp in the USA in 1996.  For the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Nick was invited to look after the Brazilian Olympic team while they were in Canberra at the AIS.

While looking after olympic athletes he has had the opportunity to treat athletes from all fields of competition including track and field, swimming, weight lifting, boxing and gymnastics.

In addition to these events Nick has also worked with "The Spirit of the Dance" dance troupe while they were performing in Canberra.

In practice in Woden he often sees the weekend warrior sports men, women and children for the everyday injuries that can occur during participation in a range of team sports or while training in a fitness centre.

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