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Your First Visit

Full Chiropractic Evaluation

Your First VisitYour initial consultation will consist of:

  • Detailed case history - A comprehensive review of your current problem is taken.
  • Spinal examination - A thorough review will be conducted to locate areas of your spine that are not functioning properly. Your posture, ability to turn and bend, reflexes, muscle strength and other orthopaedic and neurological tests may be performed.
  • X-rays if clinically indicated - X-ray views of your spine may be necessary. These can reveal pathologies, show a history of your spinal health and make your chiropractic adjustments more precise. Today’s high-tech equipment and ultra-sensitive films minimise patient dosage.
  • Chiropractic treatment - safe, effective and natural treatment for patients of all ages. We understand that every person is unique and we tailor the treatment approach and techniques to suit the patient’s needs.

Patients in pain are always seen as a priority. We will do our utmost to fit you in on the same or next day.

Please contact us for your assessment by calling 6281 5494, or pass by the clinic (Unit 2 Gadal Chambers 48 Corinna Street Woden Canberra ACT) to book an appointment.